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Okc Spirit Fair

Mind Body Spirit Fair

Sat July 16, 2016   12-7p
Sun July 17, 2016   12-6p

Wyndham Hotel
 2101 S Meridian
Okc OK 73108


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Tulsa Spirit Fair

Mind Body Spirit Fair 

Sat August 20, 2016   12-7p
Sun August 21, 2016   12-6p

Wyndham Hotel
 10918 E 41st, Tulsa OK 74146

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Angel Messages/ Billets with Cyndy at Every Spirit Fair

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  • Your guardian angel’s name?
  • How angels and people in heaven connect to us?
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Let Cyndy help you find the answers as she asks her Spirit Guide Tidbit and your Angels for information and guidance in fun, enlightening group Angel Messages/Billets sessions, held at every fair.

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Cyndy Musings

Just back from celebrating a weekend of love! I officiated in an outside wedding which was beautiful and spirit energy all around us! We created a ceremony specific for them, reflecting their heart, their connection to God/All that Is, and their promises of love. Yea for more love in the world! It is awesome to share in the energy of love, you could just feel it everywhere! ... See MoreSee Less

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Donna GregoryLovely!!!!6 hours ago
Kathy Unger HortenstineBest wishes.6 hours ago
Mildred MeyerBeautiful!!14 hours ago
Rebecca Lynn BuchananYea for love!14 hours ago
LaVona CarlsonBeautiful!12 hours ago

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Celebrate all others victories. Do not belittle success. Sometimes in life we see a friend, co worker, someone on tv, and something 'good' happens for them, they get a raise, a great job, make it big, get a great partner and get married...and we feel left out. Then we start the thoughts, they don't deserve that, that should of been me, why is spirit giving to them they do not deserve it? Do not let your mind go to any competitive thought, less than thoughts, there is no competition in spirit. Your good, your blessings, your great acheivements, are yours and no one can take it from you. Celebrate all other successes in life, yours, the people you do and don't like, the people who you think deserve and don't deserve, but just got a moment of grace! The more you align with the celebration of success the closer you draw your own soul successes. The more you align with 'moments of grace' dropping into life, the more moments of magic and grace come to you. By negating others, you negate yourself. So stop that thought process and celebrate! Yea for them, yea for the world! We share in the energy of success...abundance, love, all good things. ... See MoreSee Less

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Tammy ConoverSo very true I speak the same words. I know others success only empower me and inspire me. I love that you share these thoughts. I think success is based on if you are happy kind to others and living your life to its fullest. I think every one of us are important and matter and each one of are successful in our own ways.2 days ago
Blanca GatesI really like the point of being happy for the success of others even if you do not like them. There is an abundance of success however that translates for all. Celebrate that. "Yours" is right around the corner! Happy Friday!!! ❤4 days ago
Jill C. Alcala3 days ago

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You are just like the telephone cell towers sending and receiving data all the time. In reception, what are you tuning in to? In sending, what vibes are you sending out? Sometimes we get on auto pilot and just do whatever, today notice, and take control of the 'waves and frequencies" you are bringing to life, receiving and sending, to your life, and the world. Example: sometimes we are in a down place in our lives, and we begin to receive/ and be receptive to down energy, we notice the negative things, the negative talk and chatter around you, the anger in others.It will just seem like you are bombarded when receiving those energties... But you can switch that awareness to a higher frequency and tune into the good, laughter, the blessings, the moments of miracles and God energy all around us. It is what are you tuning too? They are both there in the field at all times. Allow yourself to vibe too and receive the good stuff! Bring more of the laughter, joy, miracles to your awareness and then spread it around! ... See MoreSee Less

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Rebecca Lynn Buchananwhen will you be in Fayetteville or close again? I would like to talk a little more and share.5 days ago
Donna GregoryThis is universal truth. We are human, though, and sometimes we do get bogged down in negativity and low-frequency. Even when we know better. I did this for 2 years after my mom's death. It was a dark period. What finally got me out of it was that I realized one day I was tired of being mired in stress, strain, anger, sadness, grief, and burden. I remembered that, at anytime, I could choose joy. And so I did. We are like cell phone towers!3 days ago

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If you are looking for a companion animal, remember to go to your local shelters, check out the rescue groups, don't shop, adopt! There are many many beautiful awesome cats, puppies, kittens, dogs just waiting for someone to love them. Your and my choices make a difference -- by adopting we create a new future for them, and us. ... See MoreSee Less

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Jules Stackbut remember, only adopt if you have the time and the funds to support these beautiful creatures... they are not toys and are not to be left in a car in the heat of the cold...etc.... :D5 days ago
Kathy Unger HortenstineWhat a beautiful way to give5 days ago

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$1500 in donations given to pet rescue in Okc from the Okc angel messages rescue benefit we held June 4. Funds were given too Pawsok and Maltese Rescue of Okc. Thank you to everyone who came and shared spirit time and gave funds to support pet rescue, saving lives of dogs/cats in Oklahoma. Our actions build compassion and change the future for animals, for our community, for the world. Every small step matters.... yea you, yea spirit, yea for the animals!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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