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Tulsa Spirit Fair

Mind Body Spirit Fair

Sat May 21, 2016   12-7p
Sun May 22, 2016   12-6p

Wyndham Hotel
 10918 E 41st St, Tulsa OK 74146


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quartz crystal and candles

At Every Spirit Fair:

Intuitive Readings, Hands On Healing
Aura Photos, Crystals, Stones
Tarot, Astrology, Incense, Clearing Tools
Spirit Tools for spiritual living…..

Angel Messages-
Crossing Over Messages with Cyndy

Lectures, spiritual shopping,
energy healing sessions, readings,
A place to explore Spirit, spiritual ideas,
spiritual tools, spiritual paths…..

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Springfield MO Spirit Fair

Mind Body Spirit Fair 

Sat June 18, 2016   12-7p
Sun June 19, 2016   12-6p

Holiday Inn
 2720 N Glenstone Ave, Springfield Mo 65803

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Angel Messages/ Billets with Cyndy at Every Spirit Fair

Wonder about…

  • Life after death?
  • Your guardian angel’s name?
  • How angels and people in heaven connect to us?
  • If a loved one in heaven has a message for you?

Let Cyndy help you find the answers as she asks her Spirit Guide Tidbit and your Angels for information and guidance in fun, enlightening group Angel Messages/Billets sessions, held at every fair.

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Cyndy Musings

Studies show that people with community/ a tribe, are less depressed and healthier. So we all are wired, energetically, to connect with a tribe. Some of us have family for that purpose and that fills the bill, others have no blood family that feels 'right' and have to look further for our tribe. For some church is your tribe. Others have a common group such as AA, or NA, or weight watchers as a chosen tribe. Spirit, our angels and guides, our loved ones in spirit can also be our tribe. Energetically we are made to connect, so find your tribe / group/ community that expands the good energy of you and boost you up for this life journey. When life is in harmony, when our personal energy systems are functioning fully like the yin and yang, you have both alone time and tribe time that bring balance of personal energy overall. ... See MoreSee Less

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Donna GregoryI miss my tribe.2 hours ago
Samantha Durrie DavisDisconnected.1 hour ago

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it is always a perect day to remember our loved ones in spirit. To send up a smile, to write a note and put by their picture, to light a candle. Our loved ones receive our messages every single time we send up a thought to them. it is never to late to heal something with your loved one, never to late to say what needs to be said. Love never ends. ... See MoreSee Less

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God, Angels, Spirit help me be open to the joy that is right here right now, let me see it, feel it, share it with the world.
I am blessed.
I am happy.
I am celebrating life right now!
I am sharing good energy with others.
I am joyously in this moment, with Life.
Thank you Spirit.
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Chris VelteJust what I needed!!! Thank you ladies <33 days ago

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I walk in the light of Christ/God/Angels/The Universe and any and all negative, lack, fear, (blocks in any way), just disintigrates into nothingness. Nothing can stop my good as I walk in light. ... See MoreSee Less

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Donna GregoryAmen.3 days ago
Susan Wilson-BarnettAmen3 days ago

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Guidance and intuition is always available. I just have to pause, step back and ask, and then be open to the nudges, insights, messages that follow.... ... See MoreSee Less

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Susan Wilson-BarnettI need to learn to meditate ?4 days ago

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