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Tulsa Spirit Fair

Mind Body Spirit Fair

Sat Nov 14, 2015   12-7p
Sun Nov 15, 2015   12-6p

Wyndham Hotel
 10918 E 41st, Tulsa Ok 74146


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quartz crystal and candles

At Every Spirit Fair:

Intuitive Readings, Hands On Healing
Aura Photos, Crystals, Stones
Tarot, Astrology, Incense, Clearing Tools
Spirit Tools for spiritual living…..

Angel Messages-
Crossing Over Messages with Cyndy

Lectures, spiritual shopping,
energy healing sessions, readings,
A place to explore Spirit, spiritual ideas,
spiritual tools, spiritual paths…..

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Incense stick

Okc Spirit Fair

Mind Body Spirit Fair

Sat Nov 21, 2015   12-7p
Sun Nov 22, 2015   12-6p

Wyndham Garden Hotel
 2101 S Meridian, Okc OK 73108

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Angel Messages/ Billets with Cyndy at Every Spirit Fair

Wonder about…

  • Life after death?
  • Your guardian angel’s name?
  • How angels and people in heaven connect to us?
  • If a loved one in heaven has a message for you?

Let Cyndy help you find the answers as she asks her Spirit Guide Tidbit and your Angels for information and guidance in fun, enlightening group Angel Messages/Billets sessions, held at every fair.

Learn About Cyndy’s Angel Messages

Cyndy Musings

Tonight in Tulsa -- Mediums and Messages. Yes you can buy tickets at the door. visa/mc/cash/check
See everyone there, we start at 7pm, there is a welcome time 6-7 with a cash bar available. Start talking to your spirit people and angels now and ask them to come visit you and come in our pictures!
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Jules StackI WISH.....22 hours ago

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The real truth is that having a 'great awesome' life will not just magically happen out of the blue, with no effort for 99% of us. If you want a dynamic relationship, a hot job, tons of money, a connection with spirit that is deep and powerful, to be the best mom in the world, to have six pack abs, to be mentally healthy, you will have to act, do, give more than you did yesterday to get it. We will have to reach, stride, get out of our comfort zone, give more from within than we thought we could, be diligent, make some hard changes in habits and people, get up and on it again and again, focus and refocus, and put our whole being into the journey -- conscious creation is you and God, but it is YOU showing up in full force to do the real work here on earth. Staying the course through the ups and downs. What energy are you giving to conscious creation in your life today? None, a little, a lot, tons??? Where ever you are, give more. Give more to you, God, the world...and mountains move, energy shifts, miracles happen, you (your life) will become what you have intended and acted upon. ... See MoreSee Less

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Julie Long"When you pray, move your feet."2 days ago   ·  6
Peg PikeThank you for your kind words of wisdom. You rock22 hours ago
Becky ReynoldsThank you😍2 days ago
Dareth Hutchins Kelley❤️ thank you!2 days ago

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Happy October! Happy Fall! I love October, it is my favorite time of year!!! Talking to dead people, seeing spirit, eating sweets, parties, playing dress up...oh my tons of fun for me!! Be sure and plan some spirit fun for yourself as well. There is a shift in the air, our loved ones are near, senses get louder, all kinds of spirit fun! Tammy and I have several October events so I hope to see you at some event some where this month, and if not, have your own kind of spirit night! Magic abounds, Weird is wonderful, touch spirit! ... See MoreSee Less

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Denise Holzberlein ClearI feel it! Very strange sensations!!!! Like the excitement I felt as a child right before an exciting event. Except it's been constant for weeks! Wish I understood it more. But in time, I know I will.3 days ago   ·  1
Chris VelteLoving the energy after the full moon and all :)3 days ago
Kathy Unger HortenstineWoohoo for us crazies.3 days ago

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Love yourself. What does that really mean and how do you start? A first step is to appreciate and be grateful for your body. Begin to have good thoughts and feelings for your body itself. Stop the perfect picky ideal that society puts upon us, and honor the body you have here and now.
Thank you heart for pumping my blood. Thank you feet for holding my weight and letting me walk. Thank you bones for being strong. Thank you eyes for seeing the beauty all around me. Thank you stomach for digesting all the foods and taking the nutrients I need for life. Thank you, thank you, thank you spirit for this awesome great body!!! When do you think these thoughts or say them? The truth is, you can never think them or say them enough. So make a time each day, kind of like program a time in your calendar, to just send good energy and gratitude to YOU. I use my shower as a time to be grateful! So in the shower, as I wash my body I am thinking loving, kind, gratitude thoughts to all my body parts! The more positive healthy energy that radiates to you and from you, the more positive energy returns to you.
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Choose a power thought, mantra for today....

Day by day, in every way, in all the circumstances of my life, better and better.
The universe is working right now to bless my life! Thank you spirit!
I breathe in and out gratitude, expanding the good in my life and the world. I live in gratitude and grace.
I am a spark of the divine. I am a spiritual being living in the material world and my worth is not measured by anything material.
Divine right order in all my affairs right now.
No outside force or interference can stop the positive flow of God and blessings in me and my life.
I am at peace with my life, and everyone in it. All is well.
God/ The universe want me to succeed and everything in my life is just bringing me to my great awesome future! God is arranging everything perfectly for me now.
Thank you Spirit.
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Jackie SmithThank you spirit everyday.5 days ago

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