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About Cyndy

Cyndy was raised traditional Christian throughout her childhood and in high school met a Native American friend. This Native American friend opened Cyndy up to feel, see and interpret the world in newer and broader ways.  At 18, Cyndy began her own spiritual search leading her to explore many alternative ideas, paths, religions and more.


Throughout her 20’s, Cyndy studied extensively to increase her own intuition and visited many events exploring alternative spirituality.  As great as those events were, Cyndy felt something was missing within them and wanted to move beyond the psychic realm to exploring the spiritual realm. Cyndy then created and coined the term spirit fair and began to host her own mind, body, spirit fair with the focus on Spirit.

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Cyndy's studies and certificates include:

•    Bachelor Degree UCO
•    Certified Hypnotist
•    Certified Regression Hypnotist: Dolores Cannon Method
•    Reiki Master and Teacher
•    Acupuncture
•    Aromatherapy
•    Nature Spirituality and Ritual
•    Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

Cyndy teaches classes on angels, meditation, Tarot, Numerology and energy - sharing information she has learned and received from Spirit. She now works full time on the spirit path hosting events, sharing Spirit, teaching and doing readings. Cyndy hosts Spirit Fairs throughout the Midwest in addition to offering classes and private angel message parties. Cyndy continues to study and seek all things mystical, spiritual and Light. Her hunger to know Spirit only grows deeper!

Cyndy believes we are all intuitive and can communicate with Spirit. Doing is is a natural state we all possess. All beings, through study and practice, can remove the walls that separate us from Spirit, knowingness and soul guidance. We are all connected on a soul level to God, All That Is, and higher realms of light. This energy connection has always been and will always be. It is always reaching out to you - asking you to awaken and connect.

The Spirit Fair is a great place to meet Cyndy! You can choose to attend the Angel Messages session with her, shop for spiritual growth tools, explore alternative healing and more on your path to awakened whole living as a spiritual being in a physical world!

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