Angel Messages/Billets with Cyndy

What are angel messages/billets? These are open group readings, where anyone in the audience can receive a message from spirit. They are a demonstration of communication between angels, spirit guides, loved ones in spirit, and us. See a video demonstration of Cyndy’s Angel Messages.

To greatly simplify what happens, Cyndy is like a telephone operator, sharing messages from heaven or spirit to us on earth.

Messages can be from angels, spirit guides, universal teachers and saints, from family, a friend, or loved one crossed over. Even our pets in the spirit world show up from time to time!

Your angel message may include information on job, home, love or health. It may be a personal message from someone in spirit to you, it may be your angel nudging you towards growth…we never know what spirit is going to say or bring up. Some messages are lighthearted and airy, others are specific to you and so deep and amazing you can feel spirit in the room. Come with an open mind and heart! Anything is possible with God and spirit!

Group Readings at Local Hotels
Home Angel Parties - Not Currently Booking

Cyndy is not currently booking any new Home Angel Parties at this time, she is currently booked for the next year. The best way to see Cyndy is to attend one of the five Spirit Fairs across the region. She also hosts Angel Messages/Gallery Readings at hotels in the Midwest region. Watch Facebook and check the Events page here to see her upcoming events near you.  


Spirit Fairs are currently hosted in:

  • Oklahoma City, OK

  • Tulsa, OK

  • Fayetteville, AR

  • Kansas City, KS

  • Springfield, MO

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