What’s the purpose? What’s the deal?

Years ago the alternative religion and spirituality events were for the few non-traditionals on the edge of society. Today, with more and more people seeking a communicative personal relationship with the Divine and more people understanding that truly there are many paths but One God, the alternative fair is the place to be!

Each fair has it’s own style and energy. Sort of like Walmart and Target. They are basically the same, but they feel different, and you probably have a preference. A place that you like to go. The new age shows are the same. They are all unique and have their own style and energy. You will find different readers, vendors, and products at different shows. Some have themes like UFO’s, or Angels, or Alternative Healing Products. If you go to one show and don’t feel at home, check out another one. Soon you will find a place that welcomes and resonates to you. Think of it like exploring to find a baby sitter, or a church, or a doctor. Just because you don’t like the first one you go to, or the second, keep looking. Ask spirit to guide you to the place your spirit needs to be

    The readers and vendors are there to help and assist you. Use the opportunity! A perfect time to ask a vendor about stones, or their latest product. Come out and play with items before you buy them to get a feel. Play with a pendulum, touch the stones, smell the oils, look at tarot decks. Explore the magical tools for life and transformation, vendors bring in. Many of the vendors custom order jewelry and will fill an item request for you. Do you have a stone you want specially wire wrapped for you? Bring it in! If you’ve got an item at home, but just don’t know its use, bring it in, ask around. There are lots of knowledgeable people at the expo.

Use readers to help you gain personal insight into health, past lives, future opportunities. Don’t give the reader your power of choice, use them instead to bring your own inner guidance out. Mix what the reader says with your own intuition and then do what feel right for you. Readers are like support people here on earth. Rarely do readers reveal anything earth shattering, usually we confirm your own knowingness. For the best reading at the fair, come with 2 questions you specifically want help with.


On the way to the expo, tell Spirit, God, the universe, your need. Bring a cassette recorder with you. Don’t be afraid to ask the reader questions to make sure they are right for you. This helps you form being disappointed. I may be a fantastic future predictor but not so good at health information. So what is it that you are seeking? Most readers will let you record the session, which is wonderful! Just ask them before you sit down.

It’s a great place to explore alternative healing products and services. Healers/ energy workers work on your aura, chakras, and energy field.

You can find a variety of healing methods at the show: reiki, massage, ear candling, Angelic Energy treatments, Quantum Touch. My hope is that people will try things they’ve heard of, or wondered about, and experience first hand the wonderful healing power of the universe that is available to us all.

Healing treatments are plain good for us! Scientifically they have been proven to change people’s mental, emotional, and physical states. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels. Like the warmth of the sun and the cleansing rain, together, flowing through your soul. So you say–you sat once for a healing and didn’t feel a thing. Try again! We, as a culture, have become desensitized to spiritual energies. Getting a healing treatment can also work to ‘open and re-sensitize’ your own energy field. So that you become more open to your own messages, intuition and healing gifts.

Each day at the show you will find lectures or workshops on alternative spirituality topics, ideas and views. At most shows these lectures are free with admission. If there is a special class you may be asked to pay an additional charge. However, either way, there is lots of excellent information at the show and a great place to learn. Many people come and go to lectures all day. It’s a wonderful place to broaden your thoughts or strengthen ones you already have. Keep in mind all presenters, are sharing their truth, which may or may not align with your own. Lectures topics may include: meditation, using stones and crystals, past life regression, connecting with your Angel. You can sit in on a group session of Angel Messages, similar to John Edwards Crossing Over. Is there someone in heaven you are seeking a message from?

The fairs are a wonderful place to mix and mingle. The fair is a pretty lively place, with laughter, talking , lectures, all going on at once. You can find information on alternative spirit in your area, classes, and future events.

Meet old friends, connect with other spiritual seekers. Each person is quite different at the fair. Some seeking angels, UFOs, stone magic, but there is a common ground, all seeking more wholeness in their lives. There are Christians, atheist, Buddhist, and Wiccans among the crowd. Isn’t it great to have such community and non-judgement in diversity?

So… why sit home? Come out for entertainment and enlightenment! Don’t believe in all this stuff? That’s ok too. Come out for a day of fun and you just may believe before you go home!

See you at the fair,



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